Following the completion of Tranquility's Heirs, the author spent a great deal of time trying to obtain formal
permission to quote very small sections of Anna Barbauld's LIFE, Alan Seeger's I HAVE A
RENDEZVOUS WITH DEATH, and William Henley's INVICTUS.  The experience caused him to start
writing his own poetry and then inventing poets to make them sound authentic.
Give me the summer of my life;
A spring of hope, a path to walk.
Give me friends and gentle days;
And come the winter;
A place to sleep.
                                                  Book three
On these walls, we take our stand,
Our duty now made clear.
Life's sweet hopes can't blunt our cause,
Nor Tyranny of fear.
                                                   Book four
On the hill, the arrows fly;
Soldiers dying side by side.
There is no future, just the past;
Fighting bravely to the last.
        Book five   
Burning bridges, afterglow;
Life has one true fact;
Regardless where the journey goes;
The path does not lead back.
                   Book five
In Flander's Field, we find our home;
Where poppies grow and skylarks roam;
O'er turf and sod once torn asunder;
Lay valleys now in peaceful slumber;
Here were cannon, gun and sword;
In courage we could not ignore;
And thus our home forever lies;
In Flander's Field.
Book Seven