Each WOM book cover began as a rough sketch by the author, evolved into
a crude paste-up, and was then transformed through computer graphics.  
Here are examples of the process from concept to completed form.
The first version Tranquility's Child was intended to be a "photo" cover but the layout didn't
work, so a line drawing was used instead.  A new cover was prepared for the second edition but
never used as another artist submitted a superior concept.
Featuring a key scene from the novel, the cover for Tranquility's End originated with an image from the
map of the Tranquility Lunar Colony drawn fifteen years before.  Artist Kwei-lin Lum evolved the
drawings through many stages before reaching the final image of a lonely lunar outpost.
Tranquility In Darkness gradually emerged as the first "monster" cover.  The original concept merely
had Grey "in darkness" on a split background.  A comic book cover by Bob Wood provided inspiration
for Grey's startled posture.  The Arikhan went through many stages before reaching final form.
The initial idea for Tranquility Down, a "western shoot-out", proved too difficult.  The back-up concept
of a crashing spaceship went from early sketch to final form with few changes.  The spaceship itself was
inspired by a Popular Mechanics cover by Ed Valigursky (July, 1968), miraculously found at a local
swap meet after the preliminary sketches were already complete.  The final version is by Kwei-lin Lum.
The cover for Tranquility Divided was a hack cut & paste from the beginning after the original artist grew
exhausted with the process.  After the "final" version was submitted to AuthorHouse, one of their
talented artists worked with the author to make substantial improvements.
The cover for Book Eight: Tranquility Under the Eagles is still in progress.
Here are several concepts currently being reviewed by the editorial staff.
No concept for the final book cover, Tranquility: Last stand, has yet been designed.
Readers are welcome to submit their ideas to Thirdsqurl@aol.com